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At home or on the go, improve the quality of dental care with these dental hygiene products.

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Epic Dental 100% Xylitol Sweetened Mints

100% xylitol-sweetened means that you and your smile get all of the benefits, without having to worry about sugar, aspartame, or other questionable ingredients.

Spry Fresh Natural Spearmint Xylitol Gum

Spry spearmint gum will help to keep you breath smelling fresh and is moisturizing for your mouth. It’s the ideal freshen up gum that is also good for your teeth.

Epic Dental 100% Xylitol Sweetened Gum

Recommended by dentists, nutritionists, and our smiling customers everywhere, Epic Gum will tingle your tastebuds and sweeten your smile.

Hayden Clean+ Dental Floss

Hayden Expanding Floss contains hundreds of tightly woven microfibers that expand between teeth to capture plaque and stains. The result is a deeper clean you can see instantly as the floss visibly expands into a “loofah” with every swipe. Plus, the refreshing Polar Mint flavor and Anti-Tartar Actives keep breath fresh and teeth clean.

Listerine Cool Mint Pocketpaks Breath Strips Kills Bad Breath Germs

Refresh your bad breath with Listerine Cool Mint Pocketpaks Breath Strips, (Size variance). These mint breath strips dissolve instantly, killing 99 percent of germs that cause bad breath.*